Ashtray Cuatro
Ashtray Uno
What Customization means?


Ashtray Cuatro

  • Ideal for Logo, Monogram or simple picture
  • Standard price is for two inlays




Ashtray Uno

  • Ideal for both Text and Logo, Monogram or Simple picture
  • Standard price is for Both sides inlay





  • Ideal for Text. For example name or nickname.




Customization means – inlay of resin gel coat into a wood.


Customization process:
  1. Engrave text initials or logo into a wood on CNC machine.


  1. Fill engraved parts by resin gel coat


  1. Grinding and polishing


  1. Standard finish by hard oil and wax


Inlay can be in any colour, we are also use some metallic pigments.

After testing of many combination we can recommend for:

American WalnutWhite inlay with pearl pigment
American Cherry – Black inlay


What information we need for customization:

Picture or text to be engraved


It should be reasonable length to fit each product

Put text (with preferred font name) in “Customization Text or Description” in third step of checkout (“Information about you”) during ordering process.



For example company logo or name initials.

Picture format should be in vectors (.ai, .pdf, ...etc.)  We are able to process standard picture formats as .JPG, .PNG, ...etc. But it should have resolution at least 1000 x 1000 px (How to check photo resolution).

Send picture to our email, with your name or order No. in subject.


If you order more then one customized product, please make a clear detailed note to Text Description or email.


Before manufacturing of your product we will be back to you with vizualization of customized product for confirmation.


 We are able to customize all our products up to customer request.